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Use our menu at the top of the page to browse our designs.  When you find one you like, and wish to make your purchase, click the ADD TO CART button or click the tank image itself.  You will be taken to our confirmation page where you can select your shipping location (we ship internationally) and your tank size (width and height).  You will also be shown your total cost, including shipping and options prior to making your payment.  You can then click the BUY NOW button to process payment via PayPal.  PayPal accepts any credit card and provides the best security for us, and our customers.
Confirmation and Proofing Process
Because every tank is a different size proportionally, after you place your order we send you a proof of your actual background for your approval.  We send this proof to your PayPal email address unless otherwise specified.  You will need to approve this print prior to us creating your aquarium background.  In the event that we can't contact you (eg. no response) within 48 hours, we will print your background and then mail it to your PayPal shipping address.
Printing and Shipping
After you approve your design, we will print, package and ship your design to your PayPal address unless otherwise specified.  We ship your aquarium background in a hard, cardboard tube for safety and via USPS (with tracking in the USA).  For international orders, we provide you with your customs number.  Your customs number will allow you to check with your local customs office if you do not receive your background within a weeks time.
Who is DeepBlueThemes.com?
DeepBlueThemes.com is a division of SkinYourSkunk.com.  We started selling premium vinyl graphics for various applications including guitar skins, board skins, laptop skins, window skins and aquarium backgrounds in 2012.
Still Need Help or Have Another Question?
You can contact us at DeepBlueThemes.com via our CONTACT PAGE with any questions not answered here.

Installation & Application

DeepBlueThemes.com sells premium quality, high definition aquarium backgrounds printed at high resolution on premium material.  Our aquarium backgrounds are specifically designed to be attached to the back of your tank using any standard tape.  We personally suggest a vinyl tape as it will last significantly longer than Scotch tape and won't dry out.
What You Receive
(updated: 02/25/2016)

Our backgrounds are printed on a specialized material exclusively designed for aquarium backgrounds.  This material is not only durable and beautiful, but also waterproof and made for a long life...and...it can also be illuminated from behind!

While most customers will not use this illumination feature, it allows light to pass through the back of the background and enhance or brighten the front of the design.  If you wanted to, you could actually light portions of the background from behind with (for example) white LED lighting and the light will brighten that section of background when viewed from the front.

If you do not light the background, it will function as any other background material you have used before.

Please note: Our improved material DOES NOT include an adhesive backing as did our previous material.

Selection and Ordering Information

Seals, Adheres & Enhances Your Background!
Our 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution, when applied to the printed side of your aquarium background and attached to the back of your tank, aides in a secure adhesion, seals out air bubbles and actually enhances the background image!

The results are dramatic!  Our special safe, oil based liquid creates a light enhancing contrast and color dynamic that will make your background "pop" and look many times more detailed, clear and professional.  The final touch for a true and perfect aquarium theme!
An Undeniable Difference
DeepBlueThemes.com offers the highest quality, most professional aquarium background designs and products.  And depending upon your tank, the magnificent graphics we provide will be viewed through two plates of glass and a bunch of water.  Our 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution allows your already amazing background to look absolutely awesome!

20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution!  Available During Checkout.

20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution Label
Before 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution
After 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution
Perfect Attachment...Beautiful Effect!
Any aquarium background, when attached to the back of your tank will have air caught between the vinyl graphic and the glass.  It is simply physics.  Our 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution fills that gap and essentially makes the background and the glass merge with an air-tight seal.

Our safe, oil based solution causes our backgrounds to adhere to the glass on the back of your tank securely.  You simply apply our solution to the image side of your background graphic, press it to the back of your aquarium glass and squeegee (using a credit card or similar item) the graphic to the glass forming a perfect but easily removable seal.
Using our 20/20 Solution
Trim your DeepBlueThemes.com background and lay it face up (eg. Image up) on a flat surface.  Apply the 20/20 solution liberally upon the image and spread it out with your hands.  Lightly wipe off any excess...then place your background on the back of your tank with the image facing the front of your tank.  Use a credit card or towel to smooth out the background and wipe off any excess solution.

Finally...tape your background in place around all four sides...completely.  Here is a short video of the process.
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