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LED Bias Aquarium Lighting System!  Available During Checkout.

Awesome in the Dark or the Light!
Easy installation with peel and stick simplicity!  Attach the LED strips to the back of your tank, the back of our background or the wall itself. Set your preferences with the included remote control, plug the system into the wall or your power strip and you are ready for a beautiful, accent light show.

For a limited time only, we are offering our LED Bias Lighting System for only $39.99 with your purchase of any one of our backgrounds.  Look for the option on our checkout page!  You're gonna love this!
A Beautiful Final Touch...
Really show off your aquarium and fish display with our LED Bias Lighting System! Choose your color and theme, set to steady, flash or strobe and their rates, even control the brightness.

Our LED Bias Lighting System can be mounted to the back of your aquarium to illuminate the wall behind in a cascade of colors or to the wall itself to project and/or tint through our backgrounds.  Yes...our backgrounds are designed to support back lighting just like a TV or computer monitor.
You can add this product during checkout if you are purchasing a background.

This button is intended for individual purchase without a background only.
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