8K Quality Certified Images
8K Quality Certified Images

Aquarium Backgrounds, Fish Tank Backgrounds & Terrarium Backgrounds for Any Size Tank


aquarium backgrounds

are the highest quality backgrounds available.  High definition images printed at high resolution on professional, glossy, waterproof materials....beautiful, durable and

custom sized for your aquarium

. We cater to home fish tanks, office and professional aquarium customers providing the best product and customer service.  The perfect final touch to your

fish tank, aquarium

or terrarium and an investment in quality and beauty that will last for years.
The Professional's Secret, to an Awesome Aquarium!
• We provide the best customer service!
• Exclusive, premium & pet-safe exclusive materials
• "True Life" quality images in high definition
• We offer custom graphics design services too!
• Friendly & professional customer service
• Durable, beautiful and water-proof
• USA and international shipping to your door
• We are the original premium aquarium background company!
• Our aquarium backgrounds fit any size or shape fish tank
• Custom sizing & placement included with your purchase
• We provide a finished proof for your approval
• Designed for fresh or salt-water aquariums
• Over 500 designs available in many categories
• An investiment in quality that will last for many years

Custom Sized to Fit Your Aquarium

Premium, High Definition Graphics

Your aquarium is a beautiful investment in time and money that will provide years of entertainment, elegance and excitement for you, your children and even your guests.  It is not only a hobby but typically occupies a large portion of your room as a piece of furniture.

Most store bought aquarium backgrounds are available in a limited selection of designs, using snap-shots taken by a typical camera that you are supposed to attach to your tank and cut pieces off to make the sticker fit.

A DeepBlueThemes.com aquarium background is a professional grade product made from the best materials including thick, premium vinyl printed using CMYK ink on professional printers and laminated with a clear glossy, UV protecting film that gives depth and brilliance to the image.  Our images are licensed from artists and photographers and captured at the highest digital resolution, perfect for printing for the largest of home-based aquarium.

We offer hundreds of designs in many different categories to express your personal attitude, to fit the atmosphere of your room and to provide years of beauty.  Our graphic artists prepare each background by hand placing the image within the dimensions of your tank assuring a perfect fit and we even offer our exclusive 20/20 Mounting Solution to enhance and more easily attach your background to your tank.  We even provide you with a proof of the final design to assure that it is just perfect for your application.  Upon request, we can even prepare your background for installation inside your tank or modify the image for your specific situation.  Separately, we offer a custom design service for unique graphic requests.

Browse our huge selection of designs and categories and see the difference a quality piece of artwork, printed on an exclusive combination of materials can do to enhance the beauty of your aquarium investment.
Why Choose a DeepBlueThemes.com Aquarium Background?
Q. How do I install my aquarium background?

A. Your aquarium background is specifically designed to install on the back of your tank.  You simply attach the background to the back of your tank following our online Installation Instructions, securing it in place with tape and/or with our 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution.

Q. Do I need to trim my aquarium background to fit my tank?

A.  No!  We custom size your aquarium background to the size of your tank for free.  You will be asked for your tank, background measurements (height and width) during the check-out process and we will send you a proof for your approval.

Q. Why do some portions of my image appear blurry?

A.  That is something called "Depth of Field" and is a professional photographer's "trick".  Click here for detailed information.

Q. Do I need to worry about bubbles in the vinyl?

A. Absolutely not!  Our exclusive materials and manufacturing process makes it impossible to have any bubbles during installation.

Q. How long does it take to receive my aquarium background?

A. Our products are made specifically based upon your design choice and size which may take 2-3 days to create.  Then, depending upon your shipping choices and location, may take anywhere from 1 to 5 days to receive via USPS or even longer for overseas, international shipping.  More information is available during the check-out process.

Q. What makes DeepBlueThemes.com aquarium backgrounds "Premium"?

A. We have created an exclusive combination of materials, inks and processes that produce a problem-free, extremely long life, UV protected, easily to clean, simple to install and absolutely beautiful product not available anywhere else.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. We produce your product specifically for you when you place your order and provide you with a proof for your approval of the design, quality and size.  Because this is a custom sized and printed product...all sales are final.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Of course!  We ship our aquarium backgrounds anywhere in the world.  Your shipping cost will vary depending upon your location as will the delivery time.  Once you choose that perfect background, you will be provided with multiple shipping options on our check-out page.

Q. What if I have problems applying my aquarium background?

A. It is virtually impossible to have any problems mounting our premium aquarium backgrounds.  You simply attach the background to the back of your tank following our online Installation Instructions, securing it in place with tape and/or with our 20/20 Aquarium Background Mounting Solution.

Q. I have an image or photograph I would like to use as my aquarium background.  Can you do that for me?

A. Absolutely!  We accept customer submitted images (your photos), modify and manipulate existing image and our on-staff, graphic artists can even create designs from scratch.  Visit our Custom Backgrounds Page for more information and one of our associates will walk you through the process.

Q. What is high-definition and high-resolution?

A. Our images are high-definition meaning they are huge, high-quality and never appear blurred or pixelated.  These images are printed on $25,000.00 printers at up to 1440 DPI (dots per inch) on our exclusive, premium materials.  Simply put...no one produces a more detailed, vibrant, beautiful or professional product.  We have perfected this process over many years and continue to modify our product as technology advances.

Q. Where do you get your beautiful images and graphics?

A. Our images and designs are a combination of graphics produced by our graphic artists, public domain (eg. Free use) images and licensed images from various artists and photographers.

Q. Are your products reusable?

A. Yes!  Our exclusive materials allow you to install your background, remove it and re-install it again.
Frequently Asked Questions About Our Aquarium Backgrounds
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