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Understanding Depth of Field

Depth of Field is defined as "the distance between the nearest and the furthest objects that give an image judged to be in focus in a camera."  DeepBlueThemes.com hosts hundreds of aquarium backgrounds created by graphic artists, painters and photographers.  Especially for photographers, depth of field allows the photographer to show depth, 3D and distance by allowing the distant parts of the photo to appear slightly (or extremely) blurred.  This makes the photo look three dimensional with attention focused upon the main subject.  Here are some examples.
When a photographer uses depth of field to show...depth, our backgrounds also show depth.  These appear as slightly blurry parts of the image.  This is intentional to make your background look like your tank is much deeper and 3D.  Some people love this effect...others do not.  You can often notice the depth of field when viewing our website samples but sometimes it is so slight you won't notice it until we provide you with your proof.
We can not change the origianl photo's depth of field if it was used by the photographer.  While I personally think it makes the background look real instead of drawn...you may not agree.  Please view your proof...zoom into it and keep in mind that most people will view your background from at least 3 feet away, and not likely notice what you see when zoomed in...and they will likely just see a realistic, depth.
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